No Gimmicks. No Fads. Just Results.

“Even with just 3 workouts a week, you get the results. I’m really happy. I’m impressed.”

-Alberto Hernandez
Airline Pilot, UAE

“I lost 15 pounds so far…the accountability is easy to follow and stick to.”

-Mike Bonville
Sales, Montana

“I need new pants…it just works.”

Professor, Texas

“I highly recommend the program to anyone. A year and a half later, I still use the BuiltLean Program to continue to improve my fitness”

-Joshua Dumas
Business Analyst, NYC


“When I started BuiltLean, I was close to 200 lbs and now I am 186. The other great benefit is the flexibility that I have achieved.”

-Lane Rankin
Entrepreneur, Laguna Beach

“I started at 198, now I’m 178. The results have been amazing. I’m very happy about it.”

-Ricardo Godefroy
Sales Manager, Dominican Republic

“The biggest transformation has been mental. I’ve lost over 50 pounds and gained a significant amount of muscle.”

-James Larsen
VP Hospitality, Las Vegas

“I went from 186 down to 165 in 12-weeks. I just feel better. The simplicity is the big winner for me.”

-Tal Brown
Entrepreneur, San Francisco


“I’ve lost roughly 40 pounds and I have a much happier outlook for my health in the future.”

-Keith Rogers
Financial Advisor, Texas

“This really is transformational. It helped me lose a ton of weight faster than in the last couple of years trying a variety of different programs.”

-Shai Sahay
Lawyer, Washington D.C.

“Using the nutrition plan, I’m never hungry and I’m always satisfied. I have energy all day and I never feel sluggish.”

-Joshua MaGee
Data Analytics, Boston

BuiltLean Program Review Nick Transformation

“I dropped down from 23% to 6% body fat. I’m in my 30’s and I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to BuiltLean.”

-Nick Kumar
Banking, NYC


BuiltLean Program Review Willem Transformation

“I lost 16.53 total inches over my whole body in only 8-weeks. Everything was worked out for me. I just had to show up.”

-Willem Steenkamp
Managing Director, South Africa
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BuiltLean Program Review Jairo Transformation

“I feel my energy levels are higher and my cardio and flexibility are much better. And as a bonus, my pants are fitting again after losing 4 inches off my waist.”

-Jairo Molina
Web Developer, Brazil
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BuiltLean Program Review Nicholas Transformation

“I am 5’9” and was 192 lbs, with well over 20% body fat. Now I am down to 157 lbs with much lower body fat”

-Nicholas Semrau
Technical Writer, Kansas
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BuiltLean Program Review John Transformation

“My body fat went from around 20% to around 11%. I showed an increase of 1.5cm in my biceps but reduced my waist by 9cm and hips by 10 cm.”

-John Waugh
Pediatrician, Australia
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BuiltLean Program Review Aaron Transformation

“Life changing results. I went from 180lbs to 150 lbs. From a size 34 waist to a 28. And from a 1 pack to a 6 pack.”

-Aaron Smith
Computer Programmer, San Francisco
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BuiltLean Program Review Chris Transformation

“I started the program weighing in at 157 lb and 145lb after 8-weeks. Now 2-weeks in to the 2nd time round I weigh 143.3 nearly ready to build.”

-Chris Town
Bradford, U.K.

BuiltLean Program Review Dan Transformation

“I had 16lbs of fat loss, 10lbs muscle gain, lost 3 inches on my waist and gained 1.7 inches on my shoulders. This was beyond all my expectations.”

-Dan Turcu
Human Resources, Toronto
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BuiltLean Program Review Bryan Transformation

“It’s great to know that however my future results go, I always have this option to achieve a slim and lean physique.”

-Bryan Birkett
Data Analyst, Ireland


BuiltLean Program Review James Transformation

“I have very little time to exercise properly, but I managed to lose 38lbs, and 20lbs in just the first 8 weeks”

-James Cahan
Lawyer, England
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BuiltLean Program Review John Transformation

“I went from 71kg at the end of May to 63kg in the space of 8-weeks, but put on muscle at the same time. My body fat dropped from 26% to 13%”

-John Pinelli
Insurance Sales, London

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BuiltLean Program Review Fabio Transformation

“I wanted to show my progress using The BuiltLean Program. I am 6’3. I was 196 lbs, now 170 lbs. I’m 49 years old.”

-Fabio Consega
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BuiltLean Program Review Mitchell Transformation

“Started at 180lbs and 26% body fat, so far have dropped down to 169lbs 21.6% body fat.”

-Mitchell Ancona
Entrepreneur, Connecticut

BuiltLean Program Review Thomas Transformation

“BuiltLean has helped me hugely with getting in shape and building body confidence, going from chubby to lean.”

-Thomas Whitworth
Student, London

* Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the men pictured transformed their bodies through using our body transformation system. However, these results are meant to showcase the best, most motivated clients who strictly followed the program and should not be taken as average or typical results.