BuiltLean Program Results

“I highly recommend the program to anyone. A year and a half later, I still use the BuiltLean Program to continue to improve my fitness”

-Joshua Dumas
Business Analyst, NYC

“When I started BuiltLean, I was close to 200 lbs and now I am 186. The other great benefit is the flexibility that I have achieved.”

-Lane Rankin
Entrepreneur, Laguna Beach

“I started at 198, now I’m 178. The results have been amazing. I’m very happy about it.”

-Ricardo Godefroy
Sales Manager, Dominican Republic

“The biggest transformation has been mental. I’ve lost over 50 pounds and gained a significant amount of muscle.”

-James Larsen
VP Hospitality, Las Vegas

“I went from 186 down to 165 in 12-weeks. I just feel better. The simplicity is the big winner for me.”

-Tal Brown
Entrepreneur, San Francisco

“I’ve lost roughly 40 pounds and I have a much happier outlook for my health in the future.”

-Keith Rogers
Financial Advisor, Texas

“This really is transformational. It helped me lose a ton of weight faster than in the last couple of years trying a variety of different programs.”

-Shai Sahay
Lawyer, Washington D.C.

“Using the nutrition plan, I’m never hungry and I’m always satisfied. I have energy all day and I never feel sluggish.”

-Joshua MaGee
Data Analytics, Boston

BuiltLean Program Review Nick Transformation

“I dropped down from 23% to 6% body fat. I’m in my 30’s and I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to BuiltLean.”

-Nick Kumar
Banking, NYC

BuiltLean Program Review Willem Transformation

“I lost 16.53 total inches over my whole body in only 8-weeks. Everything was worked out for me. I just had to show up.”

-Willem Steenkamp
Managing Director, South Africa

BuiltLean Program Review Jairo Transformation

“I feel my energy levels are higher and my cardio and flexibility are much better. And as a bonus, my pants are fitting again after losing 4 inches off my waist.”

-Jairo Molina
Web Developer, Brazil

BuiltLean Program Review Nicholas Transformation

“I am 5’9” and was 192 lbs, with well over 20% body fat. Now I am down to 157 lbs with much lower body fat”

-Nicholas Semrau
Technical Writer, Kansas

BuiltLean Program Review John Transformation

“My body fat went from around 20% to around 11%. I showed an increase of 1.5cm in my biceps but reduced my waist by 9cm and hips by 10 cm.”

-John Waugh
Pediatrician, Australia

BuiltLean Program Review Aaron Transformation

“Life changing results. I went from 180lbs to 150 lbs. From a size 34 waist to a 28. And from a 1 pack to a 6 pack.”

-Aaron Smith
Computer Programmer, San Francisco

BuiltLean Program Review Chris Transformation

“I started the program weighing in at 157 lb and 145lb after 8-weeks. Now 2-weeks in to the 2nd time round I weigh 143.3 nearly ready to build.”

-Chris Town
Bradford, U.K.

BuiltLean Program Review Dan Transformation

“I had 16lbs of fat loss, 10lbs muscle gain, lost 3 inches on my waist and gained 1.7 inches on my shoulders. This was beyond all my expectations.”

-Dan Turcu
Human Resources, Toronto

BuiltLean Program Review Bryan Transformation

“It’s great to know that however my future results go, I always have this option to achieve a slim and lean physique.”

-Bryan Birkett
Data Analyst, Ireland

BuiltLean Program Review James Transformation

“I have very little time to exercise properly, but I managed to lose 38lbs, and 20lbs in just the first 8 weeks”

-James Cahan
Lawyer, England

BuiltLean Program Review John Transformation

“I went from 71kg at the end of May to 63kg in the space of 8-weeks, but put on muscle at the same time. My body fat dropped from 26% to 13%”

-John Pinelli
Insurance Sales, London

BuiltLean Program Review Fabio Transformation

“I wanted to show my progress using The BuiltLean Program. I am 6’3. I was 196 lbs, now 170 lbs. I’m 49 years old.”

-Fabio Consega

BuiltLean Program Review Mitchell Transformation

“Started at 180lbs and 26% body fat, so far have dropped down to 169 lbs 21.6% body fat.”

-Mitchell Ancona
Entrepreneur, Connecticut

BuiltLean Program Review Thomas Transformation

“BuiltLean has helped me hugely with getting in shape and building body confidence, going from chubby to lean.”

-Thomas Whitworth
Student, London