Website Security

How We Monitor Our Website Security

Our website is monitored for malware by WP Engine, which has tools and custom scripts for vulnerability scanning, both externally (i.e. through network connections) and internally (i.e. scanning disk and database for known vectors and exploits).

WP Engine contracts two separate, well-regarded security firms for auditing and remediation: SecTheory and Sucuri.

Online Transaction Security

We use Infusionsoft, which is a Web-based software that combines CRM, email marketing, and e-commerce to manage our online payment process along with customer payment and email subscriber information.

Infusionsoft is a Level 1 e-commerce application service provider that provides BuiltLean with a method of collecting credit card data through a shopping cart, order form, or manual order which is then passed to our payment processor As a Level 1 Service Provider, Infusionsoft complies with a rigorous set of standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS.)

In summary, these standards require:

  • data encryption
  • network firewalls
  • secure transmission, storage, and disposal of payment card data

Infusionsoft specifically does the following:

  • Provides secure hosting for the shopping cart, and order forms.
  • Encrypts the credit card data received through orders and stored with the order data.
  • Encrypts the purchase data passed to our payment processor
  • Seeks out and encrypts credit card data manually added by a user.
  • Limits user access to credit card data stored in Infusionsoft.
  • Submits to periodic third-party audits and tests.

Website Performance

How Our Site Is Hosted

Our website is hosted through WP Engine, which is a leading provider of web hosting solutions for sites based on WordPress. We use WordPress as a content management system to serve our articles and pages. WP Engine helps us provide fast page load speeds and top notch performance.

How We Improve Website Performance

We use best practices to help reduce page load and improve site performance. We use extensive caching both when serving pages, server side along with a CDN provider to further reduce file and image sizes. This helps the site load much faster. We also make our website as light as possible through smart use of web code. Our web develops are SUPERWPHEROES who help us make modifications and update our website in a safe and stable environment.

How We Monitor Performance & Uptime

Our site has real time monitoring around 5 locations around the world across mobile and desktop through Monitis. If our site is down, or experiences slow load times, we get email alerts.

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We also spot check our website loading speed several times per month using Google Page Speed and Pingdom tools.

Last Updated: 09/10/18