BuiltLean has become one of the most reliable and useful fitness resources because of our talented and passionate team. We live and breathe the fitness lifestyle and love helping educate and empower you to reach your potential. From writing articles, to producing videos, to providing customer support, to improving & refining our BuiltLean Program, we are working hard 24/7 to make the challenge of getting lean, strong, and fit easier and more manageable for you.

We have one contributing writer who is a Medical Doctor, the rest of our team members aside from our Medical Review Board are non-medical professionals.


Marc Perry, CPT
Founder & CEO
Kristin Rooke, CPT
Managing Editor
Kwesi Peters, CPT
Community Manager
John Leyva, CSCS, CPT
Technical Editor
Amanda Reck
Associate Editor
Ross Twanmoh
BuiltLean Coach
Denzel Allen
BuiltLean Coach


Nick Holt, CPT
Mark Jellison, CPT
Kenny Leung, DTP
Eva Lana, RD
Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD
Nutrition Contributor
Stephen Bergeron, CPT
Exercise Contributor
Jessica Zack, HHC
Nutrition Contributor

Degrees & Affiliations Information:

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) – Certified by an organization to assess a client’s goals and needs related to physical fitness. Top organizations include ACE, ACSM, NSCA, and NASM.

CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) – Certification offered by the NSCA for exercise specialists that emphasizes training athletes for improved performance.

HHC (Holistic Health Counselor) – A certification by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that requires a yearlong study program.

RD (Registered Dietitian) – A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential “RD.”

MD (Medical Doctor) – Doctor of Medicine (M.D., from the Latin Medicinae Doctor meaning “Teacher of Medicine”) is a terminal degree for physicians and surgeons.

PhD (Doctorate) – Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as Ph.D., PhD, D.Phil., or DPhil in English-speaking countries and originally as Dr.Philos. (for the Latin philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae), is in many countries a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities.